Farmers struggle every day to produce enough healthy food for the world’s growing population, attendees at the World Farmer’s Organisation (WFO) general assembly have heard.

Globally, the same farmers are also working hard to protect and restore biodiversity, keep soils healthy and mitigate and adapt to a changing climate, the organisation said.

The WFO general assembly kicked off in Sun City, South Africa, on Sunday, with food sector and farmer stakeholders gathered from across the world. The three-day event runs until Tuesday.


Several seminars and discussions during Sunday’s assembly proceedings focused on the impact of the war in Ukraine, rising inputs and climate change on the world’s farmers.

The World Farmers' Organisation general assembly began in South Africa on Sunday.

“They hold the burden of this fight on their own shoulders and bear the costs of disruptions of any kind in their daily business, directly impacting the farm income, families and community wellbeing.

“Farmers find solutions on their own, as they know that resilience is their first asset to have their business survive the turbulence caused by economic, social and environmental instabilities,” the WFO said.


Discussion at the international conference on Sunday also looked at how governments can leverage farmers’ solutions to address the global challenges, such as climate change.

The WFO called for “coherent” trade rules and regulations and a “favourable” policy landscape for farmers.

It also said that there needs to be the right investments at farm level on technology, training, capacity building programmes and rural infrastructure, as well as effective research programmes that respond to the farmers’ needs.

The WFO general assembly continues, with more information available here.

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