Increasing food production ‘urgent’ - President Higgins
Barry Murphy
President Michael D Higgins warned of food insecurity at the International Conference on Agriculture in Senegal on Wednesday.
6 January 2023 Markets
Weanling prices set to soar as live exporters scramble for stock
Adam Woods has the latest on the weanling export trade and what the outlook is like for 2023.
4 January 2023 Neven
What’s so special about the old world?
You often hear the terms “Old World” and “New World” used to describe wine. What differentiates them?”
50 years in the EU: divergence between Irish, EU and global agriculture
Andy Doyle considers how the EU policy move to environment first and agriculture second will play out for the growing global population.
4 January 2023 News
Irish charity tripling potato yields in east Africa
Vita is helping small farmers in Africa to grow potato yields by improving seed quality and helping farmers to implement better husbandry practices.
28 December 2022 News
Not getting Irish beef into global markets
Irish beef exports are heading for record volumes in 2022 but we are still failing to break into markets outside Europe.
24 December 2022 News
Christmas in Kenya: meet the Corkman working with farm families on the equator
From Cork to Kenya, Development Pamoja co-founder James Hennessy talks to Maria Moynihan about working hand-in-hand with local farm families to challenge issues from climate change to period poverty.
21 December 2022 Features
Cause it's another day for you and me in paradise
Although scarred by its apartheid history both in reality and reputation, South Africa’s Cape Town is a paradise. Amii McKeever gives us her top travel tips for the city and surrounds.
23 November 2022 Living Life
The way farmers produce food 'doesn't make sense'
Building resilience to food insecurity through climate-smart agriculture was discussed at COP27 on Saturday.
15 November 2022 News
‘My dream was to be a Kilkenny hurler and play on the hurling team’
Kilkenny star Grace Walsh wanted to be a hurler as a young child, but that dream changed in her teenage years when she was exposed to the might of the Cats’ camogie team, writes Anne O’Donoghue.
9 November 2022 Living Life
Backchat: Kenya Ball charity event
The Kenya Ball is an important event for Irish charity Brighter Communities Worldwide, writes Naomi Hamilton-O’Donnell
2 November 2022 Features
Fertiliser companies have 'monopolistic control' of food – President Higgins
President Michael D Higgins has suggested that Europe must take control of its food security out of the control of a few and take a human rights-based approach.
11 October 2022 News