Over the Christmas period when things are traditionally a bit quieter on the farm and you might find yourself with more free time than usual, we’ve compiled a list of FarmTubers from all over the globe to keep you entertained.

Northern Ireland

Gareth and Tom Carrothers

@TEC_TV, started making videos in April 2021 and already have over 108,000 subscribers and over 42,250,918 views.

A father and son hoof trimming duo, Gareth and Tom, whose educational and satisfying videos scratch an itch for over 100,000 subscribers, bring “hoof chips and agri clips” to their viewers.

United Kingdom

Tom Pemberton

@TomPembertonFarmLife started creating farming content in 2011 and has now amassed over 154,280,472 views, with 505,000 subscribers.

Now, unless you’ve never opened the YouTube App before you’ve undoubtedly heard of Tom.

Tom’s videos include everything from running the dairy farm, machinery work, investments and improvements to the farm, and even his goats and Highland Cattle.

Charlotte Ashley

@CharlotteAshleyFarm started in July of this year, the channel has 4.85k subscribers and over 395,500 views.

New girl on the block Charlotte may have only begun her YouTube channel five months ago, but she has already amassed over 4.85k subscribers. She describes the channel as “farm education with a touch of satire”.

Charlotte runs her family’s beef and sheep farm in Cumbria, but the farm is transitioning into dairy farming, with “Jerseys and robots coming soon”.

Olly Harrison

@OllyBlogsAgricontractfarmer started daily vlogging his life during the very first COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020 and now has over 54.2k subscribers.

Olly’s daily vlogging started almost by accident, asked by the local news outlet to film a piece right at the start of the COVID lockdown in 2020.

The video did well, so Olly decided to do a vlog the next day, and the next day, and the next day. Ollie is now on day 900-plus of daily videos about his life on the family’s arable farm in the northwest of England.

Kriss Woodhead

@Thesuperseriousfarmer5044 started creating videos in January of this year and now has 3.55k subscribers and over 121,440 views.

Kriss is a sheep farmer from Kent, who, with his partner Zoe, runs their own flock, as well as having goats and a few cattle.

Alongside this, they also run a homegrown meat delivery business, The Little Farm Fridge, which they do all their own butchering for.

All of these get showcased on Kriss’ channel, with a healthy dollop of humour.


Laura Gardiner

@FarmingLifeatLaForge joined YouTube in 2020 and now has 17.3k subscribers with 2,751,238 views.

Laura is a farmer’s daughter whose family come from Galway, but moved to France in 2006. Laura’s channel showcases their everyday life as farmers in France rearing Charolais and Limousin cattle.


Evelyn, Claudia and Jojo Leubner

@nyfarmgirls1707 have amassed 92.8k subscribers and over 15,200,771 views since their first video in 2018.

The trio of sisters, more commonly referred to as the New York Farm Girls, live and work on their families dairy farm in upstate New York.

The farm consists of 2,100 acres and is milking 1,200 cows.

Evelyn and Jojo (24 and 18 years old respectively) are more likely to be seen working with the livestock, whereas Claudia (22 years old) can more commonly be found in the cab of a tractor.

Laura Wilson

@LauraFarms joined YouTube in 2020 and since has grown her subscribers to 413,000, with over 88,124,425 views.

Laura is in her third year of full-time farming on the family crop, cattle and pig farm in Nebraska.

After making a big splash in the agri-Twitter world, Laura migrated to YouTube, where she features videos of her everyday life on the farm, equipment demos and often collaborates with other farmers in her videos.