A number of livestock carcases were found dumped in a Laois bog earlier this month.

The calf and three sheep were found in a decaying state, with their tags removed, by local man Paul Lalor.

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, Lalor said he “never saw the likes of it before” and that dumping in the area is “getting worse and worse and worse”.

A calf and three sheep were found dumped in the bog. \ Paul Lalor

The Forest Bog, where the livestock carcases were found, is frequented by walkers, turf cutters and other members of the public.

“[The carcases] were just off a little side road, an ordinary bog road,” Lalor described.

Disease risk

The Laois man said he was first hit with the smell of the decaying animals when walking with his dog.

“You’d be worried about disease. It’s not good practice,” he added, insisting the dumping of the dead livestock was a “new low” for the area.

Paul Lalor first noticed the smell of the decaying carcases. \ Paul Lalor

Lalor said Laois County Council's environment section contacted him about the incident and that he believes the livestock have since been removed.

“I’ve passed it a couple of times now in the car. The smell is gone, but that could be from animals predating on it. You’d hope they at least threw down a bag of lime,” he said.

Laois County Council has been contacted by the Irish Farmers Journal for comment.

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