Two pig carcases were found dumped in a bog in Co Meath on Friday morning last, just metres from where three sheep carcases were dumped in April.

The pigs, about eight months old, were found decapitated.

A local woman came across the carcases while out walking at Emlagh Bog, near Carlanstown.

Councillor Paul McCabe was asked to visit the scene and immediately contacted Meath County Council, seeking that they arrange the dead animals’ removal.


Cllr McCabe said the woman initially was hit with the smell of the carcases and that when he arrived at the bog, he too could smell the decaying pigs before he saw them.

The sheep carcase parts left decaying in the bog in April. \ Cllr Paul McCabe

“They’d been there a few days. The heads were removed on both pigs. They weren’t full sows, about eight months old,” he described.

The local Fianna Fáil representative told the Irish Farmers Journal that the environment section of Meath County Council committed to having the animals removed and was engaging with a local knackery.

However, the local authority has thus far not replied to queries relating to the incident.


Cllr McCabe said carcase dumpings at Emlagh Bog are getting to the stage where there is a pattern developing.

He explained that three sheep carcases were found and later removed from Emlagh Bog in April, just metres from this pig carcase dumping.

A number of deer carcasses were found in the bog last year. \ Cllr Paul McCabe

Last year, walkers came across several decaying deer carcases on the bog, some of which also had body parts removed.

With the deer, “they left the heads and took the feet”, McCabe said.

“It’s all very bizarre to be honest,” he added, explaining that the bog has only recently seen an improvement in fly tipping rates. “This is a totally different issue now,” he warned.


The Meath councillor said the bog is an important amenity, which is “used extensively by the local community” and called for action.

Deer were shot and left to decay in the bog, Cllr Paul McCabe said.

He said he is urging the public near Carlanstown to remain vigilant for future carcase dumpings and to report them immediately.

The Department of Agriculture has also been contacted for comment, but had not responded at the time of writing.

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