Macra na Feirme members across the country will plant over 15,000 native trees in the coming weeks to enhance biodiversity, according to the young farmers' organisation.

Macra says the trees will provide a habitat for wildlife and sequester carbon over the decades ahead.

The initiative is a joint one between Macra and Trees on the Land, which will see members from all regions sowing trees in their locality.

The tree planting idea was brought forward by Macra’s national sub-committee on rural youth, which wanted a project to span the entire breadth of the organisation to demonstrate the commitment young farmers have to mitigating measures for climate change.


Macra president John Keane said: “As young people, we are concerned about the future of our environment. In Ireland, we are lucky to live in the climate we do.

“We are fortunate to come from a country with the sustainability credentials that our agriculture sector has, in particular, which needs to be protected and enhanced.”

Keane described how the trees planted by Macra’s members will be growing for “years to come”.

“We, as young people, are concerned about our environment and future. We need political leaders across the globe to make changes that are connected through science and best practice."

Macra says that the tree planting is “another step” in its “journey to be a leader in addressing the challenges climate change poses”.

Keane noted that over the next number of months, further Macra environmental initiatives will be rolled out.

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