I farm: “With my father on around 40ac, which is high, dry ground. We both work off the farm, I work full-time in Homeland Co-op in Athlone.”

Cattle: “We have 22 sucklers and we keep some replacement heifers. The bull weanlings and surplus heifers are sold at the mart at nine to 10 months old. We have Charolais and Limousin cows - about half and half. All of the cows are artificially inseminated. We calve between December and January and again in March and April. “

Calving: “Is nearly finished. We only have four cows left. Calving went well this year. Considering they were all inside, we had no trouble with scour. The spring calvers calve outdoors usually, so it was a challenge this year because we were tight for space, but we got through it. We have enough silage and straw, so we’re lucky that way.”

Turnout: “I turned some cows and cattle out last weekend. The last of the cows to calve are out as well; hopefully they’ll calve outside. The ground has dried, so hopefully I’ll be able to leave them out.”

Slurry and fertiliser: “I got slurry out in January on the silage ground and in March on the grazing ground. I put fertiliser on the silage ground around the Easter weekend. I will graze the paddocks and follow up with fertiliser.”

Grass: “Grass covers are exceptionally high at the moment. I might end up having to cut some of the grazing fields for silage. I graze the paddocks closer to the farm first, so I can watch the cows that are in heat. Hopefully, we will get our first cut of silage in the third week of May. After the first, I’m hoping to empty the tank on the silage fields for a second cut.”

This week: “I was putting up electric fences and getting paddocks ready for turnout. I sprayed for docks too. In the future, I’d like to get into pedigree Charolais and maybe show stock too.”