Farmers operating quad bikes must now wear helmets and have undergone quad bike training as of Monday, 20 November.

A quad bike training course, which is provided by a registered training provider to a QQI standard or equivalent, must be successfully completed by farmers.

In addition, operators will be required to wear an approved helmet at all times when on the bike, aiming to reduce the number and severity of head injuries.

No passengers

Carrying passengers on a quad bike is strictly prohibited. The extended seat is designed for active riding, allowing operators to shift their body weight for various slope conditions. It is not intended for carrying additional passengers.

The minimum age for operating farm-type quad bikes is 16, usually indicated on the quad itself.

The primary causes of fatalities and serious injuries related to quad bikes are:

  • Being thrown off during vehicle overturns or loss of control.
  • Collisions with structures, trees, poles, other vehicles and more.
  • Being trapped, asphyxiated or drowned under an overturned machine.
  • Pedestrians getting struck or run over by a quad bike.
  • The underlying reasons behind these accidents typically involve one or more of the following factors:

  • Insufficient formal training or experience.
  • Limited physical mobility.
  • Excessive speed, particularly when making sharp turns.
  • Carrying passengers or unbalanced loads.
  • Tipping on banks, ditches, rocks, ruts or bumps.
  • Steep slopes coupled with other variables, such as ground or load conditions.
  • Towing excessive loads with un-braked equipment.
  • Neglecting proper quad maintenance.