China – Alibaba share buyback

Reuters reports that Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba bought back 897.9m of its shares at a cost of $9.5bn (€8.6bn) in 2023.

Philippines – reduced tariffs extended

Reduced tariffs on imports of pigmeat, corn (maize) and rice have been extended for a third time to the end of 2024. This means pigmeat will have a 15% tariff in quota, 25% outside quota.

Argentina – country not joining BRICS group

Recently-elected president Javier Milei has announced that Argentina won’t be joining the trading alliance known as the BRICS group of countries, which includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

USA - $362m for renewable energy

US farmers and small rural businesses received $362m (€329m) to access renewable energy systems.