While travelling through the North Island in New Zealand, I caught up with agricultural contractor Daljeet Singh, who is based near Palmerston North. Daljeet owns two of the three Claas Cougar self-propelled mowers in New Zealand. Each Cougar mows ahead of one silage harvesting outfit. Despite running two outfits, Daljeet has only one set of drivers, meaning only one outfit is ever in action. Confused? So was I.

Claas entered production of the Cougar in late 2004 and ceased production in 2009, building a total of 70 units.

Daljeet cuts grass in two distinct areas. At the beginning of the season, the two outfits start off 50-60km away from each other. As the season progresses, one outfit will continue to work its way north while the other works south, eventually getting to over 200km away from each other.