Galway-based Engineering firm Alstrong offers the Auctus T.

The Auctus has a 3m working width and is designed to sow seed into ploughed ground, burnoff or existing pasture in a one-pass solution.

The unit has two rows of hydraulically controlled sprung levelling boards, which are designed to scarify and scratch the surface and remove dead material.

Following this is a spiked drum fitted with 80mm blades designed to both repair poached soil and penetrate the surface to help aeration.

Alstrong uses the Kildare-manufactured Doyle pneumatic seeder, which broadcasts the seed. This is followed by two rows of hydraulically controlled 11mm tines, which act in a similar fashion to the levelling boards.

Finally, the 560mm prismatic roller covers the seed, consolidating the seedbed. The spiked drum can be filled with water, increasing the unit’s existing weight of 4.5t to a laden weight of up to 5.2t.

Alstrong says a minimum power requirement of 140hp is recommended. The machine is now finished in black styling, with a number of galvanised components and LED lights. The firm says the axle on the trailed machine is rated for 50km/h.

The Auctus T (trailed machine) is priced at €28,000 plus VAT, while the mounted version is priced at €16,800 plus VAT.