The new decade has not opened the way that we would have wanted. The challenges that in 2019 seemed almost insurmountable now play second fiddle to what will define 2020 – COVID-19 and all the ramifications it brings. However, we all have to eat and a new decade does offer the opportunity to reflect on what has happened in relation to food trends over the past 10 years, so we can anticipate what lies ahead.

The topic I chose for my Nuffield Scholarship in 2011 was “Dominance, competition and consumer demand – the impact on meat protein producers.” Back then we were in a recession and the world was a different place. But consumer demand was and will remain a pivotal influence on the food industry. Over the last 10 years, new products and fads have entered our lexicon, such as avocado toast, sustainable cooking and ‘free-from’ foods. Online influence is playing a greater role.