Dairy prices inched upwards at Tuesday’s Global Dairy Trade (GDT), rising by 0.3% to €3,443/t.

Most categories of product recorded a rise in price, except lactose, with prices there down 6.5% to €1,102/t.

Skim milk powder prices were up 0.6% to €2,840t, while there was no change to whole milk powder, which held at €3,446/t.

Other prices

  • Anhydrous milk fat up 0.8%, average price €5,238/t.
  • Butter up 2.0%, average price €4,873/t.
  • Butter milk powder up 17.6%, average price €3,129/t.
  • Cheddar index up 2.2%, average price €3,706/t.
  • The rise in prices comes after a drop of 3.8% at the last auction in March.