There is no sign of the escalation in concentrate prices abating, with some suppliers raising prices by anywhere from €10/t to €30/t at the start of April and conditioning farmers for similar price increases at the end of the month.

The latest increase has seen prices quoted for many products rise above €400/t.

There is massive variation within the market depending on whether or not producers are tied in to deals with merchants.

Some large scale finishers handling large volumes continue to purchase concentrates ranging in price anywhere from €315/t to €350/t.

These deals are coming to an end for many producers at the end of April and where this is the case, reports indicate that suppliers have moved to prevent producers from bulk buying at the lower prices.

The compromise reported in some cases is that producers can buy the average volume of concentrates purchased each month over the duration of the agreement.

Prices for beef ration typically range from €380/t to €400/t where producers have greater negotiating power, with a high percentage of prices quoted now in excess of €400/t and rising to €430/t.

Factors influencing prices quoted include the quantity purchased, the distance from the supplier to the purchasing farmer and, of significant importance, the terms of payment and the level of credit given.

Weanling or calf crunch is priced at €420/t to €450/t, with prices rising as high as €470/t to €490/t where purchased in 25kg bags.


It is a similar story on the sheep front.

Standard rations are costing in the region of €400/t to €430/t while ewe and lamb nuts range anywhere from €390/t to €460/kg and lamb creep/crunch is priced anywhere from €440/t to as high as €500/t if purchased in 25kg bags.

Standard low protein dairy nuts range on average from €370/t to €420/t with supply agreements, volumes purchased etc influencing prices.

There is no merchant willing to quote prices for straight ingredients, with all reluctant to sell.