Farmers urgently need to know the outcome of the Department of Agriculture’s review of TAMS costings, according to the IFA.

Its rural development chair Michael Biggins has welcomed confirmation by Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue that all applications submitted under tranche 21 of TAMS will be approved.

“70% of applicants had been approved for the last three tranches and unsuccessful applicants had been carried forward. Farmers were faced with uncertainty concerning their investments and plans were delayed,” he said.

Materials such as steel and concrete have seen steep price increases, up to 40% in some cases.

“The review of TAMS reference costings must be finalised without delay. It has to include all tranche 21 applications, and those currently in the system where the work or purchase of equipment has not started,” Biggins said.

“It would be unacceptable not to include all applicants. Excluding them would mean they would get a lower rate of grant, relative to investment costs incurred.”