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Safety: tillage equipment covered under TAMS II
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Safety: tillage equipment covered under TAMS II

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Alison Sinnott takes a look at incentives for farm safety equipment covered by TAMS II.
Alison Sinnott takes a look at incentives for farm safety equipment covered by TAMS II.

The TAMS II Tillage Capital Investment Scheme is now offering tillage farmers an incentive to improve safety on their farm and within farm buildings. Many items covered under the scheme are designed with safety in mind. Farmers planning to avail of grant aid through the scheme should consider the safety items covered. They can make a real contribution to overall farmyard safety and the grant aid available will help reduce overall costs. Below, we have listed the items covered with safety in mind.


Many hazards are present during tractor maintenance. The hazards can increase when vehicles are jacked up and unsafe practical procedures are used for the removal of the wheel. Inflated tractor tyres are very dangerous to work with. If a tyre falls or a rim fails, the pressure released from the tyre can resemble a small explosion which can cause grave harm to people in the vicinity. Risks are greatly reduced when the appropriate safety equipment is used.

Equipment under TAMS II:

  • Wheel changing crate – adjustable system to lift wheel on and off axel. It will securely hold the wheel, and remove the need for manual lifting.
  • Wheel pumping crate (manual) – the wheel is inserted into a steel cage for inflation with optional end doors.
  • Wheel pumping crate (automatic) – same as above. This will have a further control system that will enable the automatic inflation of the tyres in stages to the required equalized pressure. The operator does not need to remain in the area of the cage during the inflation.
  • Hinged doors and sheeted gates

    Hinged doors and sheeted gates are a safety hazard in farm buildings. In windy conditions, these doors and gates are difficult to control and can cause real damage to someone in the wrong place at the wrong time. This problem can be eliminated with the use of roller or sliding doors.

    Equipment under TAMS II:

  • Replacement of a hinged doors and sheeted gates with new sliding or roller doors on agricultural buildings. This ensures the doors will be entirely secured at all times, open or closed.
  • Roof lights

    Falls from heights account for a large number of fatalities in agriculture. Many more have suffered serious injuries, some resulting in permanent life-changing disabilities. When working on any roof, it is essential to assume that the roof is fragile, unless confirmed otherwise by a competent person. A roof is considered fragile if it is unable to support the weight of a person or where part or all of the roof can be broken or shattered easily. Safety equipment can be put in place to minimise such risks.

    Equipment under TAMS II

  • Retrofitting roof lights with safety cages: grids will be placed underneath the clear light and on top of the supporting purloins. Purloins will then be able to directly support any weight placed on the grid.
  • Farm wiring

    Contact with “live” electrical current as a result of faulty wiring can result in a fatality. Care must be taken to ensure that all electrical wiring, equipment and fittings are the appropriate standard for use. The National Wiring Rules for Electrical Installations make specific provisions for agricultural and horticultural premises specifying what type of switches, sockets, plug tops and light fittings must be used in farm installations. Poorly lit farmyards also result in preventable falls and injuries yearly.

    Equipment under TAMS II

  • Wiring and/or rewiring of existing agricultural building.
  • Yard lights (minimum 200W equivalent, either metal halide or LED).
  • The Irish Farmers Journal spoke to Dr Aoife Osborne, FBD lecturer in farm health and safety at UCD about the safety element of the TAMS II tillage scheme. Osborne says that even though there are many initiatives available to aid with health and safety on Irish farms, statistics in the sector still remain frightening. “On average, about 19 farmers and family members die in farm accidents each year, 35% of whom are older farmers over 65 years and 12 % are children under 16 years old,” explained Osborne.

    She said schemes such as TAMS II are important as they provide financial assistance to farm families to invest in facilities and equipment to help improve the safety on their farms.

    According to Osborne farmers are required to complete a half-day farm safety course to qualify for grant payment. She believes that this incorporation of training into schemes such as TAMS offers a great incentive to improve knowledge in the area of health and safety. She hopes that it will encourage a “change in behaviour” regarding health and safety on Irish farms.

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