The lamb price in Scotland is running from £4.90/kg to £5.10/kg for R grades up to 22kg carcase weight.

The live market price is rising with most sales around 5p/kg up. Marts are averaging between £2.15/kg and £2.38/kg this week for lambs. The official Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) price for R3L lambs across the UK is £4.94/kg, down 14p.

At UA Stirling’s store lamb sale Texels averaged £83/head, up £3; Mules £81, n/c; Suffolks £78, down £5; Beltex £88, up £5; Cheviots £80, up £8; and Blackfaces £58, down £2.

Dalmally sold 1,359 blackface ewe lambs for an average of £75/head, up £19/head on the week. They also sold 4,369 ewes for £82/head, which is up £9. The top price was £225 for Blackface ewe lambs and £400 for ewes. Oban Mart sold store lambs which averaged £58/head, which was up £7/head.

Lanark Mart held its annual sale of 5,565 Blackface ewes, gimmers and ewe lambs. Ewes averaged £136, up £6; gimmers £191, down £25; and ewe lambs £61, up £4.

C&D Auctions at Dumfries Mart sold Blackface draft ewes for an average of £76, down £7 on the year, gimmers were £123, up £36. Shetland Mart sold 2,435 ewe lambs at a sale on the island. Cheviots were averaging £69/head, up £9 on the year; Texels £71, up £12; pure Shetland lambs £37, up £2.

Lockerbie Mart sold 278 North Country Cheviot hill rams for an averaged £1,560, which is up £504 on the year.

Steady beef trade

The beef price in Scotland is rooted to £4.10 to £4.20/kg for R grading steers. The AHDB beef price for an R4L steer is at £4.21/kg, down 1p.

Same-grade heifers were £4.22/kg, which is unchanged on the week. The young bull price is £4.05/kg deadweight, down 3p/kg. Cows grading O-4L were down 3p to £3.05/kg.

Newton Stewart sold 703 store cattle with steers averaging £2.25/kg, heifers £2.19/kg and dairy bred steers averaged £1.87/kg. The top price was £1,520 for a Limousin-cross heifer. Ayr Mart sold steers at £2.29/kg, heifers £2.23/kg and dairy steers £1.80/kg.

Huntly Mart sold steers for an average of £2.41/kg and heifers averaging £2.36/kg. St Boswells sold steers at £2.21/kg and heifers for £2.08/kg.

Thainstone sold 994 store cattle with steers averaging £2.34/kg and heifers £2.30/kg. Weaned steers averaged £2.61/kg which was up 22p/kg on the year. Weaned heifers averaged £2.55/kg which was up 17p/kg. The top price for weaned calves was £1,480 a steer and £1,460 for a heifer.

Quoybrae sold 714 store cattle with steers averaging £2.40 up 19p on the year. Heifers averaged £2.39/kg up 21p on the year. Aberdeen Angus and native bred steers averaged £2.34/kg and heifers £2.15/kg.

United Auctions at Stirling sold 1,174 cattle with steers averaging £2.29/kg, heifers £2.26/kg and dairy steers for £1.75/kg.