Sheep management: lambs, blowfly strike and meal feeding
This week's notes cover the poor slaughter performance in lambs, a spike in blowfly strike and meal feeding lambs post-weaning under the Sheep Welfare Scheme.
Let’s Talk Farming demo looks at dealing with tight straw supplies
Straw supplies are tight across the country, while a higher cost is deterring producers from purchasing the same quantity as usual.
Sheep mangement: vaccinations, dipping and ration
This week's notes cover administering abortion-causing vaccines, dipping options, ration formulation and ordering tags before new regulations come into play on 1 October.
Ploughing livestock demo: maximising returns from store lambs
With feed supplies and drafting rates varying greatly, it is important to put a plan in place to ensure grass supplies for ewes are not compromised while maximising returns from finishing lambs.