Aldi is experiencing a shortage of Irish beef and pork as farmers continue to protest at factory gates around the country.

In a statement to the Irish Farmers Journal, a spokesperson for Aldi said: “Due to industry-wide availability issues, certain stores are experiencing availability challenges on some fresh Irish beef and pork products.”

To counteract the shortages, some Irish beef and pork has been processed in factories in the UK.

The spokesperson said: “To ensure we have a full range of fresh beef and pork products for our customers, some of our Irish beef and pork suppliers have processed Irish beef and pork at their UK-based processing facilities, all of which are Quality Assured by Bord Bia.”

The spokesperson said this was clearly reflected on the products’ packaging and that notices had been placed in stores to notify customers of the situation.


A spokesperson for Tesco said: “Tesco Ireland’s long-standing commitment to source 100% of our Tesco brand fresh beef from Irish suppliers has not changed.

“We also source and stock 100% Irish Tesco brand fresh pork, lamb and chicken. We continue to provide our customers with a wide range of Irish meat products.”

SuperValu and Lidl have also been contacted to see if they have been affected.

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