When your life is hectic, you might start spreading yourself thin and it’s so very easy to simply forget about you, yourself. You end up so far down the bottom of the pile that you barely have a moment to drag a brush through your hair, let alone shove on a bit of lippy as you dash out the door.

I thought for this beauty column I could chat about some really great “just for me” self-care tips to help you feel and look fabulous and give you the confidence boost that you deserve.

1. It’s really important to be kind to yourself and your body, so start every morning by getting out of bed and giving your body an easy stretch. Simply stand with your legs slightly apart and slowly stretch your arms up above your head, hold in your tummy and point your hands up to the sky and spread your fingers out. Imagine you are pulling your arms up to touch the ceiling. Hold your stretch for a few moments.

2. If you have any kind of fringe around your face, then a great tip is to pop in a Velcro roller to the front of your hair when you are getting ready in the morning so that your fringe does not get water or cream in it when you are applying your beauty products. When you’ve finished, your hair will sit nicely on your face.

3. I would advise you to apply ?some serum before your face cream. I’m loving the new Mervue Organic superfruits facial serum €32.50. A recyclable blue glass bottle packed full of botanic plant materials, organic oils and superfood extracts. A little ?essential oil serum goes a long way and your skin will feel super nourished after only a few applications.? ?I always apply my moisturiser to my neck and to the backs of my hands. Mervue Organic products ?are made in Galway and can be purchased online at www.mervuenaturalskincare.com

4. Before you have your morning coffee, a cup of boiled water with a slice of lemon is so cleansing for your gut and an easy “be-kind-to-yourself” detox for your skin. Let the lemon steep in the water for a good 10 minutes before you drink.

5. Even if you don’t have time to apply a full face of makeup, apply a tiny bit of foundation to any of the red areas on your face, around the nose, cheeks and chin and a little to cover dark circles under the eyes. I ?recommend Futurist hydra rescue moisturising foundation by Estée Lauder from stockists including Boots at €44: it’s so long-lasting with great coverage. Always test your foundation on your cheek bone- not the back of your hand- when picking the perfect colour match for you.

6. Next, my go-to, non-smudge waterproof mascara to brighten up my eyes is the Charlotte Tilbury legendary lashes, from stockists including Brown Thomas at €30: a winning mascara that does not budge.

7. A good lipstick ?always makes me feel dressed and ready to face the world. Step away from the neutral tones and why not try a brighter pink, coral blush or sassy red? The Rimmel London lasting finish lipsticks are buttery smooth and hydrating on the lips: a fun, fab range of gorgeous, long-lasting lipsticks that you can purchase in chemists and supermarkets all over Ireland for under a tenner.

8. Consider? treating yourself to a face mask twice a week. The new Skin Formulas’ exfoliator ultra-hydrating 2N1 mask €35 is a great way to start taking care of your skin. This mask works especially well if you have red rosacea skin, and is ideal for sensitive skin. ?Choose a mask that gently exfoliates the skin to remove all the build-up of dead skin cells and will add essential antioxidants that will improve your skin’s health. If you are someone who suffers with spots or acne scars, then just dab some of the Skin Formulas’ clear skin treatment €50 onto the affected areas after your mask. This will calm, heal and hydrate the skin. All Skin Formulas can be purchased online at www.skinformulas.ie