Quick and accessible Government supports and simplified grid access is required if the ambitious targets for microgeneration are to be realised, according to chair of the Micro Renewable Energy Federation (MREF) Pat Smith.

The MREF has acknowledged commitments set out in the new Climate Action Plan 2021 to support the installation of an estimated 260 MW of microgeneration.

However, Smith said: “The ambitious targets and goals set out in the Climate Action Plan are challenging and require urgent and sustained action from the Government if they are to be delivered on.”


He said: “The key to delivering and exceeding the targets for microgeneration set out in the new Climate Action Plan will be to immediately introduce dedicated, easily accessible and meaningful microgeneration supports that empower businesses, farms and homes to adopt microgeneration technology with positivity and confidence.

“These must include grant supports, an economic feed-in tariff, priority access to the grid for power export and a radical simplification of the processes to secure supports and grid access.

“An accessible regulatory and support environment was also needed for larger renewable energy projects to encourage much wider adoption by SMEs, larger businesses and the corporate sector.

“These measures need to put in place quickly if the ambitions set out in the new Climate Action Plan are to be realised,” he added.