Nenagh Mart in Co Tipperary is hosting a special entry of 100 forward store bullocks as part of its weekly cattle sale on Tuesday 17 May.

The bullocks are being offered in two batches, with the main consignment including 70 Hereford and Friesian bullocks, and the second batch consisting of 30 Charolais and Charolais cross bullocks.

David White, auctioneer with Central Auctions, reports that the 70 cattle are split roughly into 40 Hereford cross bullocks and 30 well-conformed Friesian bullocks.

All cattle are homebred, in the region of 24 to 26 months of age and come from a quality-assured farm.

The Friesian bullocks are said to be well-conformed and suitable for a quick finish or feeding in to bigger weights.

The bullocks are weighing 550kg to 600kg upwards and are seen as in prime condition for feeding for finishing off-grass or transferring on to a high-concentrate diet for a quick finish.

White says: “We have seen super demand in recent weeks for any slaughter-fit cattle or those that can be pushed on quickly and drafted in the coming months.

“These bullocks are in great condition with many possessing a good cover of flesh, while there are others that will offer the option of finishing quickly or feeding on to heavier weights.”

Many of the Hereford bullocks possess a nice cover of flesh and will suit a quick finish.

Bidding is ringside and via the MartBids online sales platform. The sale starts at 10.30am with bullocks likely to be hitting the ring from 11.15am onwards.