Comment: Potato consumption and demand have improved over the past 10 days following the return of cooler weather conditions.

The food service sector and the peeling trade continue to pick up, as more people are eligible to dine indoors.

The price of peeling material is currently in the range of €180/t to €200/t.

The early market is holding quite well and lifting continues along the east coast.

However, there are more reports this week that tuber numbers are down. A blight warning remains in place for southern counties.

In the UK, agronomists are becoming more conservative with their yield predictions for the new crop. Maincrops generally look full of growth, but May plantings still have much to do if they are to realise their potential.

Estimates put the area damaged by the storms two weeks ago in Belgium, Holland and Germany at around 20,000ha. A full assessment can only be made once the crop reaches maturity, but blight is widespread and tuber quality and yields are very likely to have suffered.