Agri dairy liner is a clean, low-maintenance product with a bright finish that is perfect for lining the internal walls and ceilings of milking parlours and dairies.

Our Agri corrugated PVC panels can help save time by providing a longer-term solution to internal cladding that doesn't require frequent repairs.

Our Agri dairy liner sheets provide a bright building interior that can be used on walls instead of paint.

The product is light in weight and easy to install, with no special equipment required. This is ideal, especially due to the fact it must be installed 6ft off the ground to the ceiling so the cattle cannot rub and kick off the sheet.

Made from corrugated PVC, the liner panels are easy to install and maintain and will not rust or corrode, as it has excellent resistance to most chemicals, including dilute acids, alkalis and farm effluents, and has good resistance to alcohols, glycols and most cleaning solutions.

The material’s glossy finish, flexibility, durability and ease of installation ensure that this is suitable for constructing a wide range of agricultural structures and lining applications, such as pig poultry and cattle housing, dairy buildings, food processing and packing stores and warehouses, fertiliser stores and feed stores.

Impact resistance

The sheet is characterised by its high-impact resistance, fire performance and white gloss finish, with excellent light reflection, which is simple to clean and does not support the growth of moss, algae or fungus.

The fact that it is very simple and easy to clean is a huge benefit in a milking parlour or dairy. The high-gloss, scratch-resistant surface of Agri dairy liner retains little dirt, but a mild detergent will remove any dirt that does adhere.

For rapid cleaning, high-pressure cleaners can be used, with the nozzle held at a shallow angle to the sheet surface. Do not apply nozzle into laps between sheets.

When used and maintained correctly for the lining of farm buildings, Agri Dairy Liner has a long-life expectancy. Frequent washing like this will keep the sheet clean and bright.

Applications of Agri Dairy Liner must make adequate allowance for thermal movement. Clearance must be allowed in the holes drilled for fixing and sheet lengths must be limited so that there is not excessive movement at the end laps.

Sealing of laps can be achieved using a silicone-based sealant or foam cell tape. It is assumed that the profile is fixed with at least six fixings, at all purlins.

Minimum cold curving radius is 4m. Agri Dairy Liner should always be fitted at a height above that which animals can rub or kick.

Agri Dairy Liner can be installed in a diverse range of interior cladding applications, with varying temperatures. The material’s mechanical performance is known to remain stable in prolonged service in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C.

Our Agri Dairy Liner is available in standard lengths of 2.5m, 3.0m, 4.5m, 5.0m, 6.1m and 7.5m. It has a width of 1,140mm and a gauge of 1.2mm.

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