The Algerian and Moroccan markets in Africa have the potential to take between 4,000 and 5,000 Irish dairy heifers per year, David Clarke of has said.

As a result, the Irish Holstein Friesian Association, (IHFA) is linking up with, to provide an outlet for pedigree Holstein Friesian heifers to satisfy market demand.

Clarke’s procurement strategy is based around a per-kilo weight basis.

The company has started to source pedigree heifers with the objective of commencing breeding in early May for export by the end of October 2024.

For lighter stock, it is offering an alternative pathway where heifers can be bred in autumn for export in late February 2025.

Earlier this year a shipment of 1,021 pedigree in-calf heifers arrived in Algeria from Ireland, the largest single shipment of cattle to the country to date.