Tillage Podcast: wonderful weather for field work
Siobhán Walsh
On this week's show, we hear from a UK farmer dealing with black grass, cover cropping and direct drilling.
21 April 2024 Crop protection
How to identify young grass weeds in your tillage crops
Correct identification of young grass-weed plants is crucial to developing the best control measures in the current season and beyond, writes Teagasc researcher Vijaya Bhaskar.
15 April 2024 Crop protection
Make sure you are using the right glyphosate rate
It is important to use robust rates of products to control weeds and prevent resistance developing to these products.
Late spring could see 15% of dairy and beef farms short of fodder
Farmers should plan for early nitrogen and slurry applications to improve spring grass production, the National Fodder and Food Security Committee heard on Wednesday.
25 January 2024 News
Transport subsidy should be considered for straw - INHFA
Straw is impossible to get across much of the west and northwest, the farm body has claimed.
29 December 2023 News