Five tips for effective fluke control this autumn
Kieran Mailey
When fluke-drenching cattle this autumn, follow some of the outlined tips to get the most effective cover possible.
17 October 2023 Management
Time for lice control in housed cattle
Where cattle have been housed, there are growing reports of lice causing irritation to growing animals.
4 October 2023 Management
Dairy Management: weather, slurry and sick calves
An extension to the slurry spreading date will take the pressure off farmers looking to get slurry spread
Early housing increasing pneumonia risks
Reports indicate a rise in the number of farmers dealing with pneumonia following early housing due to wet conditions.
3 October 2023 Management
Housing, closing paddocks and slurry problems
Adam Woods takes a look at some housing tips, a plan for closing up paddocks and what to do if your slurry tanks are still full.
27 September 2023 Management
Cattle facing growing fluke burdens
Fluke is becoming a major health issue in cattle herds following the wet summer and autumn.
26 September 2023 Management
Autumn herd health checklist
Autumn is a high-risk period for animal health. Aidan Brennan outlines an animal health checklist to help prevent problems from occurring.
3 September 2023 Animal Health
Beef Management: cull cow options and suckler scheme closing date
In this week's beef management notes, beef editor Adam Woods takes a look at finishing cull cows, looking after two-year-old heifers and the upcoming closing date for the new suckler scheme.
30 August 2023 Management
Dairy Management: fertiliser plan, liners and vaccines
Aidan Brennan gives dairy farmers some advice on fertiliser rates for the autumn and says now is the time to vaccinate for salmonella and change milk liners.
23 August 2023 Management
Farmer writes: Change is a healthy constant
A change in worming routine has cut the amount of work required on Tommy Moyles' farm at Ardfield, Clonakilty, Co Cork.
23 August 2023 Farmer Writes
Five management jobs for late summer
As the grazing season moves into late summer, there are a few management tasks that should take priority.
12 August 2023 Management
Is your wormer working as it should?
To assess the extent of resistance to sheep wormers, farmers should follow best practice advice.
2 August 2023 Northern Ireland