My Farming Week: Carina Mederle, Ruhillmore, Boherbue, Co Cork
Barry Murphy
Cork woman Carina Mederle is busy lambing, breeding horses, training sheep dogs and working as a vet. She says it all works in tandem.
1 March 2023 Animal Health
Preparing cattle for turnout
As the temperatures begin to rise, take some time to check all is in place for the upcoming grazing writes Natascha Meunier, Beef HealthCheck programme manager with AHI.
Dosing a conveyor belt of NZ lambs
Zac Elkin from Craigantlet in Co Down is currently working on a dairy farm in the Canterbury foothills of New Zealand.
Farmer Writes: Getting used to two CAPs
There's a pair of new CAPs for farmers to deal with and one seems to have more detail than the other for now, according to Tommy Moyles.
11 January 2023 Farmer Writes
Dairy Management: doses, planting hedgerows and closed periods
Aidan Brennan takes a look at the dosing requirements for animals this winter and says now is the time to plan for planting any trees or hedgerows on the farm.
21 December 2022 Management
Best policy for parasite control
Natascha Meunier, Beef HealthCheck Programme manager with Animal Health Ireland, outlines some of the key criteria for dosing stock this winter.
7 December 2022 Breeding & health
Vet medicine compromise was always a non-runner
The legislation was arguably dead in the water before the lads in the wigs applied the coup de grâce.
7 December 2022 Dealer
Five tips for fluke drenching cattle
When treating cattle for fluke, outlined are a few things to consider for effective parasite control.
26 November 2022 Management
Dairy calf-to-beef targets, suckler cow minerals and Tullamore farm open day
Adam Woods takes a look at dairy calf to beef targets, suckler cow mineral supplementation and an upcoming Tullamore Farm open day in this week's beef management notes
16 November 2022 Management
Routine housing doesn’t mean routine treatment
Liverfluke causes an estimated €90m in costs to Irish agriculture each year, so effective steps to mitigate losses from it should be taken, but only when required.
Winter health: your veterinary questions answered
Adam Woods puts our readers’ questions to Offaly-based vet Donal Lynch ahead of a critical period for animal health on livestock farms.
2 November 2022 Animal Health
Significant percentage of liver fluke treatments almost worthless
Farmers administering products that target only the mature stages of the liver fluke parasite are missing out on early immature and immature stages, which are the greatest concerns at present.
23 October 2022 Breeding & health