Keep on top of worm burdens in young cattle
Kieran Mailey
With warm conditions forecast to follow rain showers this week, worm burdens will be increasing on grazing swards, which pose a health risk to young cattle.
22 May 2024 Management
Beef Management: grass quality and when to dose for worms
Adam Woods takes a look at keeping grass quality up and when to go in with the first summer dose at grass.
19 April 2024 News
Highs of 17°C forecast this weekend - Met Éireann
Met Éireann has forecast for temperatures of up to 17°C in the coming days, with a reduction in rainfall.
Beef Management: breeding, dosing and silage budgeting
In this week's Beef Management, Adam Woods takes a look at breeding dates, dosing at turnout and doing a silage budget for winter 2024.
17 April 2024 Management
Department issues nematodirus forecast and farmer advice
Lambs grazing contaminated pasture at six to 12 weeks of age are generally considered to be at risk of the parasite.
4 April 2024 News
Dairy Management: dry cow minerals, grass data and BCS
Aidan Brennan takes a look at the important elements in dry cow minerals, what to do with grass growth data and managing condition score in cows
27 December 2023 Management
Rules on antiparasitics cannot add costs or reduce supplier competition - IFA
All players in the dose supply chain must ensure farmers have access to proper animal health advice, the IFA has said.
21 December 2023 News
Dairy management: slurry, lime and dosing
Aidan Brennan outlines steps farmers can take to manage slurry when tanks are nearly full.
20 December 2023 Management
Beef Management: winter finishing sums and weanling health
In this week's Beef Management, Adam Woods takes a look at the sums around winter finishing and weanling health.
6 December 2023 Management
The older I get, the less I know about sheep
Dung samples of lambs threw up some unexpected results for Derek Robinson.
6 December 2023 Farmer Writes