Climate and environment
Opinion: forestry policy ' hostile to native woodland creation in uplands'
The role of trees in our uplands is either ignored or actively discouraged by current forestry policy, writes Ray Ó Foghlú.
22 November 2023 News
Farming is crucial for upland landscapes - Teagasc
Uplands are vital in terms of climate change, water management and biodiversity.
22 November 2023 News
Hill farmers 'must be paid' for public goods
There was agreement at the Westport symposium that farmers had to be rewarded for delivering public services on water management, biodiversity and carbon sequestration.
Will Teagasc heed calls for a hill research farm?
Teagasc is well off the pace in terms of hill-farming research compared to its counterparts in Northern Ireland and Britain.
22 November 2023 Dealer
Upland conference hears that farmers must be paid for public goods
The symposium also heard calls for the establishment by Teagasc of a dedicated hill research farm and for an overarching policy for the country’s uplands.
16 November 2023 News