Recall notice issued for raw milk made in Leitrim
Amy Forde
The company is recalling all batches of its Lovely Leitrim Farm Fresh Raw Milk due to concerns with hygiene controls during production.
25 March 2024 News
Mouse, bone and worms found in food among complaints made to FSAI
Almost 60% of complaints made to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland last year related to poor hygiene and food being unfit for consumption.
22 March 2024 News
Food safety watchdog examines hygiene concerns at Kepak plant in Wales
Kepak said its food safety standards are independently verified, working closely with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) who have a daily presence onsite.
Five tips to reducing the risk of calf scour
Calf scour is the main cause of mortality in the first few weeks of life, so keeping on top of hygiene in sheds is important.
24 February 2024 Management
Beef Welfare Scheme advice, scour prevention and looking after yourself
Beef editor Adam Woods takes a look at the beef welfare scheme, preventing scour and looking after the 'number one' asset on the farm this spring: yourself.
14 February 2024 Management
10 tips for spring calving management
With spring calving about to kick off, Kieran Mailey outlines some management tips to consider following on suckler farms.
7 February 2024 Northern Ireland
Weekend weather: mild and cloudy with outbreaks of rain
According to Met Éireann, the weekend will be mild overall, with some rain in places.
2 February 2024 News
Beef management: straw supplies, hygiene at calving and managing slurry
Martin Merrick looks at what to do with stretching out tight straw supplies, hygiene at calving and the managing slurry as tanks begin to fill.
31 January 2024 Management
How to clean and disinfect calf sheds
Aidan Brennan looks at the risks and some of the steps involved in properly cleaning and disinfecting calf sheds.
17 January 2024 Calves
Dairy management: VAT changes and cow hygiene
Aidan Brennan looks at the implications of the change to VAT rules on capital items and hygiene in cubicle sheds.
13 December 2023 Management
Preparing for drying off cows
Michelle McGrath from Animal Health Ireland outlines some important advice for farmers as they begin the drying-off process.
6 December 2023 Breeding & health