How much are your crops costing to grow?
Siobhán Walsh
It is essential to know your costs. In this article, Siobhán Walsh looks at the Teagasc crop costs and returns with updated prices.
14 February 2024 News
Teagasc sounds alarm bells on milk production costs
Teagasc described the jump in costs as “sobering” and cautioned that a concerted effort will be needed to address the issue in 2024.
14 February 2024 Northern Ireland
Half of all cost on NI dairy farms is feed
In 2023, concentrates made up 40% of costs on benchmarked dairy farms in Northern Ireland, with forage costs accounting for a further 9%.
Opinion: farmers, like the faithful, face the fear of the unknown
Watching The Traitors, a penny has dropped, writes Pat O'Toole. We exist in a constant state of uncertainty when we can't see all the pieces on the board.
20 January 2024 Opinion
Cereal woes force tillage rethink
So does the Irish livestock industry really need an Irish tillage sector?
17 January 2024 Editorial
When 1t of wheat could buy 50 barrels of oil
The Dairygold tillage conference had facts, figures and innovative farming and a large crowd turned up to hear the latest on tillage in the south of Ireland.
17 January 2024 Dealer
Supermarkets only worry about supply, MPs told
Representatives from various farming sectors briefed MPs in Westminster on Tuesday, as part of an ongoing inquiry into fairness within the food supply chain.
10 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Margaret Leahy: what are all these labels telling us?
Margaret Leahy's head was spinning after a recent trip to Canada, where she had a conversation with a supermarket owner about the many food labels and certifications on offer to consumers.
15 November 2023 Features
Glyphosate ban to reduce wheat yields by up to 30% - ADAS study
Tillage farmers would see major yield and income losses if glyphosate was to be banned in the EU.
20 October 2023 News
Utilising the Teagasc store lamb finishing calculator
The calculator can be successfully used in helping to make decisions about purchasing lambs and can also be used to complete a finishing budget for lambs remaining on farm.
7 October 2023 Winter Feed
Murphy and Doyle declare for IFA deputy
The IFA deputy president election will be between Pat Murphy and Alice Doyle, as both were ratified by their own executives in recent days.
13 September 2023 News
Tillage costs estimated down 20% for 2024
Teagasc has released estimated figures for crop production for 2024. Take a look through the tables to help you make decisions this planting season.
13 September 2023 News