Stress a huge factor in pneumonia incidence
Adam Woods
Beef editor Adam Woods sits down with Sarah Higgins MVB, ruminant & equine veterinary manager at MSD Animal Health to talk about issues around pneumonia and its prevention.
25 October 2023 Breeding & health
IBR, the disease and its control
Dr Maria Guelbenzu, programme manager for BVD and IBR, Animal Health Ireland, takes a look at IBR this week.
8 October 2023 Breeding & health
Liver fluke and dosing during winter
Dr Natascha Meunier, Beef HealthCheck programme manager at Animal Health Ireland takes a look at liver fluke and treatment of parasites in cattle during the winter.
Tips to prevent pneumonia in suckler weanlings at housing
Michelle McGrath, assistant programme manager at Animal Health Ireland, takes a look at keeping weanlings healthy ahead of the autumn weaning period.
3 September 2023 Animal Health