Beef prices: factories move to manage kill numbers
Adam Woods
Beef quotes remain very steady this week, with some slight improvement in some locations.
22 March 2023 Markets
Calf numbers and prices ease
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s calf trade including prices from around the country’s marts.
8 March 2023 Markets
Farmer power wins beef price battle
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef trade and a turnaround in factory quotes.
Exclusive:160 farmers controlling national kill
Adam Woods takes a look at some exclusive finishing numbers and a changing landscape in terms of beef finishing farms in Ireland.
1 March 2023 Markets
Chinese beef market reopening: what it means for Irish beef farmers
Adam Woods takes a look at the impact that the reopening of the Chinese market to Irish beef could have for beef farmers
5 January 2023 Markets
Watch: illegal horsemeat crackdown sees 41 arrested on the continent
Half a tonne of horsemeat "unfit for consumption" has been seized in the operation, which has been primarily concentrated in Spain.
5 December 2022 News
Record kills putting cow trade under pressure
With the total cow kill up 15% in 2022, it has had a negative impact on prices paid to farmers.
23 November 2022 Northern Ireland
In pictures: Thrive heifer slaughter performance
Take a look at how the latest draft of heifers from the Thrive demonstration farm performed at slaughter.
16 November 2022 Breeding & health
ICMSA warns of dairy sector’s ‘self-destruction’ on calf welfare
ICMSA president Pat McCormack says that from a reputational perspective, the dairy sector “can’t continue” to slaughter as many calves.
10 November 2022 News
Calf slaughter to be banned from 2024
The slaughter of calves will be banned from 2024 in a new calf welfare charter being introduced by ICOS.
9 November 2022 News
One in four cattle slaughtered come from feedlots
Adam Woods takes a look at some data released by the Department of Agriculture this week showing the numbers of animals being slaughtered out of feedlots increasing.
2 November 2022 Markets
77 more lambs drafted for sale on Tullamore Farm
The lambs recorded positive slaughter performance with two batches of 34 and 43 head killing out at 45% to 46% and averaging an average sale value of €132.
15 October 2022 Tullamore Farm