Slatted floors for sheep and calves: the pros and cons
Martin Merrick
With the recent straw shortages and another mediocre harvest on the cards, Martin Merrick analyses what merits there are in having slatted flooring vs. straw bedded for drystock.
13 March 2024 Northern Ireland
Straw prices steady as demand slows
Buying demand for straw has slowed during March, helping to settle prices
14 February 2024 Northern Ireland
Ten tips to stretch straw for calving and lambing
With straw prices are at record highs and availability limited, Kieran Mailey outlines some options to stretch supplies this spring.
Straw shortage continues to impact prices
Straw availability continues to be an issue, with many farmers relying on bales imported from Britain.
31 January 2024 Northern Ireland
News podcast: Bord Bia tables QA changes, IFA's AGM and land leasing prices
Listen now to get the latest on proposed Bord Bia quality assurance scheme changes for beef farmers, straw prices and the IFA AGM.
12 January 2024 Podcast
Straw hits €50/bale in the west
The cost of imported straw has also increased, with prices up €20-30/t since before Christmas.
10 January 2024 News
Barley straw prices surge to £110/bale
As the scarcity of straw intensifies, prices for large bales of barley straw have soared to £110
10 January 2024 Northern Ireland