The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) published the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework in 2020.

The NCCA is the statutory body responsible for advising the Minister for Education on matters relating to national curriculum and assessment.

The council is now calling on the public to give their views on the proposals of the new primary school curriculum.

For example, if there are any agricultural issues that the public would like the curriculum to address, this is an opportunity to voice these. The consultation window will close at the end of February.

The Draft Primary Curriculum Framework was developed by looking at research, as well as working with schools and pre-schools.

Your opinion matters

Director of curriculum and assessment in the NCCA Dr Derek Grant points out that redevelopment of the curriculum doesn’t happen often.

He says: “This high-level curriculum review by the NCCA is about ensuring that the primary curriculum continues to provide a strong foundation for all children to thrive, flourish and realise their potential during childhood and into the future.

“This is why we are asking teachers, school leaders, children and their parents to have their say on what children should learn and how children should learn during their eight years in primary school so that the curriculum can continue to provide all children with relevant and engaging experiences. This is your opportunity to share your thoughts on the proposals.”

To find out more about the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework and to submit your opinion on this, visit

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