Husky was first listed in 2010, while WPB Isabel came 10 years later in 2020. Husky is ahead on relative yield at 102, four ahead of Isabel’s 98.

Isabel has a straw height of 119.2cm, almost 3cm ahead of Husky. However, Isabel wins out on straw characteristics.

Its straw height is not impacting on its resistance to lodging or straw breakdown.

Both varieties score a seven on resistance to lodging, while Isabel hits seven for straw breakdown, compared to Husky’s score of five.

If you are looking to cut a bit earlier, Husky has a score of eight for earliness of ripening, three ahead of Isabel’s five.

There is little in it when it comes to disease resistance.

On grain quality, Isabel wins out on kernel content, thousand grain weight and hectolitre weight.

WPB Isabel winter oats in Co Louth. \ Barry Cronin

When it comes to seed availability, the area planted to Husky for seed this season was 70% and WPB Isabel was 30%. This seed has to pass criteria, but will be similar to this breakdown.