Wet spring delays planting in strawberry sector
Niamh Murphy
Due to wet weather, strawberry supply will not meet demand and there is an expected scarcity for the next few weeks.
15 April 2024 Crop protection
Examine your varieties closely
Knowing what your varieties’ strengths and weaknesses are is essential to be able to manage your crop correctly throughout the season.
29 March 2024 Reseeding
Selecting the best grass varieties in 2024
Grassland researchers Tomas Tubritt and Michael O’Donovan fromTeagasc, Moorepark, look at some of the considerations farmers should be making before choosing a grass variety.
Two varieties added to the 2024 maize list
The Department of Agriculture has released its uncovered forage maize recommended list for 2024.
19 March 2024 News
See inside the lab that tests your seed
Seed is a hot topic this year as there is a shortage. Over 10,000 tests are carried out on seed by the Department of Agriculture.
14 February 2024 News
Tillage management: welcome news on poor crops, OSR agronomy
There was welcome news from the Department of Agriculture on poorly established crops this week.
14 February 2024 Husbandry
MEPs back gene-edited seed but without patents
MEPs want any new varieties resulting from gene editing to be free from patents.
7 February 2024 News
Germinal to lead new €4m project on replacing chemical nitrogen
The project is funded by the UK government and aims to test and prove new pasture varieties on commercial farms that don’t require chemical nitrogen.
16 January 2024 News
Spring beans list ups the protein
There is a focus on improving protein content on the spring beans recommended list for the 2024 season.
15 January 2024 News
Tillage Podcast: seed shortage and the need for over-winter stubbles
This week’s show covers everything from birds to spring barley varieties and a seed shortage. We’re joined by Teagasc’s Michael Hennessy.
11 January 2024 News
Tillage management: soil sampling, fertiliser planning and spraying
As drier weather comes, there are plenty of jobs to be done on tillage farms in January, from soil sampling to ordering seed and spraying where weather allows.
10 January 2024 Husbandry
Three new varieties added to spring barley list
The Department of Agriculture has released the spring barley recommended list. It includes 10 varieties, three of them new.
10 January 2024 News