Next week, Pádraig Connery from Co Waterford will welcome visitors to his farm to explain some of the measures he has taken to improve profits, help the environment and be more time efficient.

The Irish Farmers Journal will hold a Footprint Farmers farm walk on Pádraig’s farm in Clashmore, Co Waterford at 6.30pm on Thursday 20 June.

Padraig has been a participant on the Footprint Farmers programme since 2021. He will outline how he has been aiming to improve the three pillars of sustainability - economic, environmental and social - on his farm over the past few years.

Pádraig grows a diverse range of crops on his farm and many of these grains offer a price premium to add to the farm’s profitability.

Cover crops

He grows cover crops to help to improve soil health and store carbon and recently started grazing those cover crops with livestock.

Pádraig has slurry and farmyard manure from his beef enterprise and also imports slurry from a nearby piggery. He will share some nutrient results from slurry testing and explain how he manages organic manures on his farm.

Additionally, Pádraig is focused on improving farm habitats, reducing the use of artificial fertilisers, and, importantly, managing his time more effectively.

Topics for discussion

  • Cropping management
  • Premium crops
  • Slurry imports
  • Cover crops and grazing
  • Time management and labour
  • Biodiversity and water quality
  • Pádraig planted an 8-way cover crop mix under large trees.

    Although it is primarily a tillage farm, the focus will be on sustainability, which is relevant to all farming practices. This event promises to be informative, offering valuable insights into how Pádraig is managing his farm.


    Registration is required using the link here the EIRCODE for the event will be shared with you via email 1 day before the event.