A total of 594 items of sprayer equipment were grant aided under Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme II (TAMS).

The scheme aims to improve farm efficiency and provide modern equipment which will help to improve farm sustainability by applying nutrients and plant protection products accurately and by making life a little bit easier on the farmer.

Accurate application of fertiliser and plant protection products will be better for the environment, while also helping to reduce spend on inputs through accurate and efficient application.

Table 1 shows the breakdown of equipment purchased under TAMS II. Trailed sprayers were the most sought-after item. A total of 235 trailed sprayers were grant aided.

Up next were mounted sprayers with electric controls. A total of 105 of these sprayers were grant aided. Eighty-six trailed sprayers with electronic controls were grant-aided, while 68 sprayers received a retrofit to add full GPS section control.

Forty-nine mounted sprayers with GPS control were grant aided. See the full breakdown in Table 1.

Sprayers due tests

Sprayers are now due to be tested every three years. This is required to meet cross-compliance conditions. So, if your sprayer was last tested in 2021 or it was purchased in 2021, then it is due a test this year.

Look through Table 2 below to check when your sprayer is due its next sprayer test.

You can learn more about sprayer testing in this year’s Crop Protection Magazine brought to you by the Irish Farmers Journal. It’s free with this week’s paper out on 11 April and available online.