The Irish Tillage Land Use Society/Rosenbohm US Farm Internship is now open for applications for 2018. The internship is in its third year and run in conjunction with the Ulster Arable Society.

The aim of the internship is to provide international farming experience to a person involved in agriculture in Ireland.

The award will provide up to one season of work experience and accommodation on a large US farm located in northwest Missouri.

The winner will be hosted by the Rosenbohm family who will provide the recipient with practical experience in the production, husbandry and marketing of maize (corn) and soya beans, as well as in the processing of soya bean seed.

What experience will the winner get?

This is a large corn and soya bean farming business and the intention is for the recipient to experience up to a full season of crop production – establishment, growth, harvesting and marketing.

This farm is also a big soya bean seed assembler, both GM and non-GM. The recipient would gain experience in the growing, harvesting, storage and processing of these crops.

The award winner is expected to work along with management, family and other employees at different times and must be prepared to work the necessary hours during busy spring planting and fall harvesting periods.

  • Host family
  • The recipient will be expected to gain knowledge of various aspects of crop production and report to the Irish Farmers Journal on their experiences of the internship. The host will make every effort to ensure that the intern receives a very diverse work experience and has an enjoyable stay in the US.

    The host farm family will provide accommodation and transportation for the award winner during the internship. In general, the winner will be expected to provide his/her own food but meals will be provided during busy times.

  • Who can apply?
  • Applicants must be at least 20 years of age to apply for this internship. They must also be a resident on the island of Ireland and be/become a member of either the Irish Tillage and Land Use Society (ITLUS) or the Ulster Arable Society (UAS).

  • Where to apply?
  • For anyone interested, application forms need to be in by 26 January. Further details and the application form are available online.

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