Atkins showcased the Bogballe M45W fertiliser spreader in the demonstration area at the recent Crops and Spreaders event in Teagasc Oakpark. The M45W is a 4,500kg capacity spreader and has a spreading width range from 12m up to 42m. It was operated on the day through a Fendt 828 Isobus terminal, using VarioGuide GPS.

Like all Bogballe machines, this spreader operates with inward-turning discs. The asymmetrically opening metering slides ensure optimal application point, regardless of the spread rate and driving speed.

It’s GPS dynamic section control automatically closes the spreader’s shutters in areas where fertiliser has already been applied, such as points and headlands.

Eight main sections are displayed on the terminal, with each containing five subsections. Section closure takes place in sliding movements to ensure uniform overlap of fertiliser on headlands and in points.

The price of the spreader varies according with spec, but the full-spec machine used in the demonstration is guided in the region of €30,000 plus VAT.