Friday will remain sunny in most areas, with temperatures of 15-20°C. It will be coolest on the north and west coasts.

On Friday night it is expected to get rather chilly, with lows of 4-8°C in slack, variable breezes. Skies will remain clear over the southern half of the country, but high cloud will increase further north.


Saturday will bring another dry and bright day. Maximum temperatures of 17-23°C are forecast across the country. Light, variable breezes can be expected, with areas such as Connacht and Ulster being the coolest.


Sunday will bring another dry day and the warmest weather of the weekend, with temperatures in the 18-24°C range. There will be light breezes around coastal areas, with further inland areas expected to be humid.


High pressure is forecast to stay over Ireland next week. Afternoon temperatures are expected to be in the mid- to high-20s.

Sea breezes will reduce temperatures nearer coastal areas and sea fog may become an issue there later in the week.

Nights will initially be cool, with temperatures of 6-10°C, but as the week progresses they are predicted to increase, with temperatures of 15°C expected.

Management notes


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