Pöttinger has announced an updated chop system for its Jumbo 8000 forage wagons.

According to the Austrian manufacturer, the new drive concept, rotor and chopping system, which is fitted with 65 knives, can now achieve a theoretical chop length of 25mm, 30% shorter than the previous 34mm theoretical chop length.

The firm says that 15% more power is required upfront to achieve this shorter chop.

The automatic loading system now features an additional optional sensor on the rotor scraper carrier. This means that up to four sensors (torque on the rotor, hydraulic pressures, material loading, etc) are used to optimise the loading process.

The new sensor system detects the pre-compaction of the forage directly above the rotor and activates the scraper floor before any mechanical damage can occur.

Regardless of the forage type, Pöttinger says that this combination allows the Jumbo 8000 to make optimum use of all its internal body space.

Knife spacing is just 25mm with the new Pöttinger short-chop system.

Despite the tight 25mm knife spacing, it is still possible to use the Autocut automatic knife sharpening system.

The new chop system will be available on the new Jumbo 8000 models from 1 August 2022.