Grasstec Group has announced its takeover of Mueller Pasteurisers Limited, which was set up by Sean Johnston and based in Charleville, Co Cork.

The company has been supplying a range of dairy hygiene solutions to a large customer base of dairy farmers for many years.

The acquisition marks a significant expansion for the Grasstec Group and will enhance its product portfolio.

Mueller Pasteurisers Limited is a long-established business in supplying the industry and has built a significant customer base and portfolio of dairy hygiene products. Sean Johnston will still be actively involved to ensure a smooth transition.

Extended range

Grasstec will now offer an extended range of dairy hygiene products, including descaler, disinfectants, teat care products, lime and more.

Margaret Cashman will be head of sales and Tim O’Callaghan the manager of deliveries for the newly integrated operations.

Grasstec was established by Bertie Troy in 1996, initially providing a farm-mapping service to landowners.

Since then, it has expanded to provide a range of services, including designing infrastructure for grazing systems, designing farmyards, preparing planning applications, providing a grassland consultancy service and a livestock sourcing service.