Around 130 cattle were traded in Fermoy Mart, Co Cork, on Thursday in what was a tendering-style sale.

All but one animal went unsold on the day.


Store heifers between 350kg and 400kg, which were predominantly dairy-cross, sold to an overall average price of €1.96/kg. By breed, Hereford-cross and Angus-cross heifers sold to an average price of €1.92/kg, with little range.

An offering of Limousin-cross heifers sold for between €2.11/kg and €2.16/kg.

There was two lots of heavier heifers present also, with four 24-month-old Hereford-crosses averaging 541kg and selling for €850 each (€1.57/kg).

Another pen of 25- to 30-month-old Angus-crosses averaging 565kg sold for €900/head or €1.59/kg.

Moving on to bullocks, where 350kg to 400kg stores averaged €1.86/kg, with a high dairy contingency present.

Three Friesian-crosses averaging 353kg set the floor on trade at €1.42/kg. Hereford- and Angus-crosses were sold in large lots and averaged €1.92/kg.

Heavier 500kg to 600kg bullocks averaged €1.96/kg, with a pen of eight 14-month-old Angus-crosses the main sale here, averaging 402kg and making €900/head (€1.98/kg).

Fifteen cull cows sold to an average price of €1/kg. The cows, which were all Friesian-crosses, ranged from 600kg to 750kg and made between 90c/kg and €1.02/kg.