Difficult weather conditions failed to dampen trade for the top end of stock at Saturday’s general cattle sale in Balla mart in Co Mayo.

The sale had over 800 cattle through the rings.

Heifers and bullocks were the highlight of the trade with plenty of customers on hand for store cattle.

Top quality heifers in the 500-600kg category came in at €3.33/kg, a similar trade to last week.

Heavier heifers in the 500-600kg weight bracket came in at €3.49/kg, slightly improved on last week’s trade.

Price improvement

It was a similar story in the bullock ring with prices improved on last week and auctioneer Ray Clarke wasting no time in selling, always a sign of a good trade.

Top-end bullocks in the 500-600kg weight band came in at €3.34/kg with bullocks in the 400-500kg weight bracket coming in at €3.57/kg.

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, Balla mart manager Michael Nolan said the trade had "held up very well given the weather that we have had. There is still lots of demand for quality cattle with the plainer types, maybe a little less in the last two weeks”.

This June 2022-born Limousin heifer weighed 600kg and sold for €2,950 (€4.92/kg).

This May 2023-born Limousin heifer weighed 420kg and sold for €1,850 (€4.40/kg).

This November 2021-born Limousin heifer weighed 585kg and sold for €2,560 (€4.38/kg).

This June 2022-born Charolais heifer weighed 505kg and sold for €2,130 (€4.22/kg).

This March 2023-born Charolais bullock weighed 340kg and sold for €1,430 (€4.21/kg).

This April 2023-born Charolais bullock weighed 365kg and sold for €1,480 (€4.05/kg).

Balla Mart will hold a special continental weanling sale on Tuesday 23 April at 6pm.