Kilkenny mart held their weekly general cattle sale last Thursday with a large offering of stock in the south of the country for the time of year, more than 300 cattle being sold through two rings.

The demand from factory agents and farmer buyers resulted in a steady trade at Thursday’s sale with plenty of quality cattle on offer.


Light Angus types between 200kg to 300kg averaged a price of €632 or €2.25/kg such as these heifers weighing 285kg selling for €640 (€2.25/kg).

Continental cattle between 400kg to 500kg averaged a price of €1,187 or €2.55/kg with some top prices such as a Limousin-cross weighing 490kg selling for €1,340 (€2.73/kg), and this super batch of eye catching Charolais-cross heifers weighing 458kg selling over €3 at a price of €1,480 (€3.23/kg).

Dry Cows

The trade of cows remained similar to other parts of the country. Overall prices averaged at €1,458 or €2.16/kg, with the bidding ramping up to the top cow price of the sale going to this stylish 2015 born Limousin cow weighing 750kg and selling for €1,860 (€2.48/kg).

Similar types such as this Limousin-cross cow weighing 570kg sold for €1.320 (€2.32/kg).

There was a good offering of well framed Friesian cows, which averaged a price of €1,312 or €1.88/kg, such as this cow weighing 650kg and selling for €1,280 (€1.97/kg).

Along with this 2018 born cow seeking a little more weighing 695kg and selling for €1,540 (€2.22/kg).


Continental bullocks weren't easy bought, with those between 250kg to 400kg selling for an average of €1,066 or €3/kg, such as this pair of June 2022 born Charolais-cross bullocks weighing 320kg and selling for €1,000 (€3.13/kg).

These three May 2022 Charolais-cross bullocks weighing 337kg made an impression as they entered the ring and sold for €1,290 (€3.42/kg).

A nice batch of Aubrac bullocks weighing on average 453kg fetched an average price of €1,352 or €2.98/kg, such as this February 2022 bullock weighing 470kg selling for €1,410 (3/kg).