Kilkenny Mart held its general cattle sale on Thursday this week, with over 800 animals moving through the rings.

Turnover was a massive €934,000, which was very big for a middle of February sale.

A highlight of Thursday’s sale was a special entry of U grading Limousin heifers, which sold to an average of €3.15/kg.

There was huge demand for 600kg-plus bullocks with a number of factory agents and feedlot buyers in attendance.

Heavy bullocks averaged out at €2.89/kg, while bullocks in the 500kg to 600kg weight category came in at €2.68/kg.

Top call

Top call in this section went to of a pair of Charolais bullocks weighing 573kg selling for €1,980 (€3.46/kg). Four Limousin bullocks weighing 556kg sold for €1,790 (€3.22/kg). Five Aberdeen Angus heifers weighing 542kg sold for €1,580 (€3.07/kg).

In the heifer ring, heifers over 600kg averaged €2.68/kg, while lighter store heifers averaged €2.65/kg.

Top call in the heifer ring went to a 730kg Charolais heifer selling for €2,170 (€2.97/kg).

Cull cows were also in demand, with Friesian cull cows making between €1.20/kg and €2.30/kg, with price very dependent on weight and flesh cover. Continental suckler cows were selling from €1.65/kg to €2.70/kg, with top prices paid for young heavy well-fleshed cows.

Online buyers were very active, with a massive 39% of lots selling to online buyers at Thursday’s sale.

Top-priced animals

This April 2021-born Limousin bullock weighed 685kg and sold for €2,110 (€3.08/kg).

These June 2022-born Limousin bullocks weighed 639kg and sold for €2,080 (€3.26/kg).

This April 2021-born Charolais bullock weighed 720kg and sold for €2,240 (€3.11/kg).

This April 2021-born Charolais heifer weighed 730kg and sold for €2,170 (€2.97/kg).

This pair of December 2020-born Charolais bullocks weighed 738kg and sold for €2,200 (€2.98/kg).

These February 2020-born bullocks weighed 955kg and sold for €2,520 (€2.64/kg).

This June 2021-born Limousin bullock weighed 815kg and sold for €2,500 (€3.07/kg).

This February 2021-born Limousin bullock weighed 825kg and sold for €2,260 (€2.74/kg).