The ball remains in China’s court when it comes to the resumption of Irish beef exports to the lucrative Chinese market, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture Martin Heydon has signalled.

Beef exports to China were suspended in May 2020 following an atypical case of BSE here and have yet to resume.

Some 7,500t of Irish beef was exported to China in 2020 before the suspension and exports were picking up pace.

The Irish Farmers Journal asked Minister Heydon, who is primarily responsible for market access, if there would soon be an update for farmers.

“The fact is we have answered every question there is and we continue to make that case as strong as we can for Chinese authorities, but this is a decision that’s within their gift and we continue to push for that decision to be made as soon as possible.


“We followed all the correct procedures and notified them immediately. We would hope that the really good standing of our herd health in this country and our high status would be recognised,” he said.

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