While Beyond Meat made the news in the US this week because of an alleged assault by its chief operations officer, investor concerns grow as the share price continues to tumble.

By close of business on Monday, the share price had fallen to its lowest ever value at $17.06, a long way from the high of $115 a year ago and even further from its all time high of $239.71 in July 2019.

Market analysists attribute the latest difficulty to US food inflation figures, which are running at 11.4% over the past year with an increase of 0.8% in August alone.

However, this is just the latest difficulty for the company, which has struggled to grow volume sales which it attributed to distribution difficulties.

Its pilot trial in the US with McDonald’s has also come to an end, with no indication of a wider roll out across the US stores. It remains on sale in McDonald’s outlets throughout the island of Ireland.