The licences which allow farmers to control certain birds without applying for an individual permit are under review in NI.

DAERA is seeking views from the public about the details of the three general licences which are currently available in NI. One of these licences specifically relates to farming, as it allows individuals to kill or disturb birds to prevent either the spread of disease or serious damage to crops and livestock.

There are nine species of birds listed on an interim general licence at present. These are hooded and carrion crow, jackdaw, magpie, feral and wood pigeon, rook, house sparrow and starling.

The online consultation from DAERA asks for opinions on each of the birds listed on the general licence and allows respondents to share experiences of “alternative measures” to control birds.

Three species of gulls are not listed in the current interim licence, but questions about their inclusion in a future licence are contained within the consultation.

Wild Justice, a Northamptonshire-based conservation group, took legal action against DAERA over how general licences were issued in NI last year.

The group previously said it wants to see magpie, jackdaw, house sparrow and starling removed from the NI list.